Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill, Episode 148 – Wally Wood’s Gang Bang #1 (1980)

Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill, Episode #148

Wally Wood’s Gang Bang! #1 (1980)
“Sally Forth”
“Lil an’ Abner”
“So White and the Six Dorks”
“The Farmer’s Daughter”
“Perry and the Privates”
by Wally Wood
Nuance, Inc.
Cover Price: $5.95

This one’s pretty gross, gang…  heck, I couldn’t even upload the cover of the thing without stamping a big ol’ black box over top of it!  As with the previous couple of episodes of the Cosmic Treadmill… listener discretion is strongly advised.  This one might be even worse than Cherry and Omaha!

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From Reggie’s original show notes: (slightly amended)
Hello to our gorgeous patrons listeners!  Here’s your “dirty” episode of Cosmic Treadmill for the month week–and boy, this one is filthy.  There’s a pretty good bio of Wally Wood in here, with lots of quotes from friends and colleagues, and the main event… well, it’s gross.  But we provide background on all the intellectual properties that get parodied, so it’s almost educational!

From Chris’ usual warning file:
If you’re planning on listening to this one in public… don’t forget your earbuds, friends!

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