ReMarvel, Episode 1: Omega the Unknown #1 (1975)

ReMarvel, Episode One

Omega the Unknown #1 (March, 1975)
“Omega the Unknown!”
Writers/Creators – Steve Gerber & Mary Skrenes
Art – Jim Mooney
Letters – John Costanza
Colors – Petra Goldberg
Edits – Marv Wolfman
Cover Price: $0.25

I know I’ve discussed a couple of episodes of ReMarvel here on the site… but, never the first one!  This was actually an attempt at “podcasting with a purpose”, so to speak.  An attempt to rediscover everything I loved about Marvel Comics, and how I might break some of my own twisted “fandom rules”.

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Here’s something you may not know about your humble and foolish host… I have a very strange way of choosing how I will or will not support something.  During the mid-2010’s I sorta-kinda “wrote off” Marvel Comics as not being worth supporting anymore.  I know for a fact I wasn’t alone in that decision… as Marvel appeared to be going out of their way to tell a certain generation of fan that their books were no longer for them.

So, what would a normal person do in that sort of situation?  Probably just stop buying Marvel Comics, right?  After all, we’ve got well over a half-century of material from Marvel we can revisit time and time again… right?

Well, that’s where my twistedness sort of comes in.

Let’s say, for example… I find the current writer on whatever Hulk book Marvel is putting out to be a complete tool and wouldn’t use an issue of their work as birdcage liner.  Well, than I have trouble going back and enjoying any Hulk, regardless of who was writing it and what was going on in the book at that time.

Make sense?

Of course it doesn’t… I’m insane.

With me, it’s sort of a case of “the Sins of the Son” being visited upon the father… and yeah, I know how pants-on-head stupid that must sound.

With me, and you know I’m a sucker for lore… and the concept that “everything matters”.  I just have a difficult time reconciling things going on in the books during “current year” as being part of the lore I loved so much and followed so fanatically throughout the past 30 years of my life.  Seeing the X-Men during the Bendis era was enough to make me never want to read another X-Book ever again… and that included some of my very favorite stories!

It’s silly, it’s foolish, it’s shortsighted… and, that’s where ReMarvel came in.  I wanted to rediscover my love and appreciation for this universe… and, I knew the only way to do so was to make a “project” out of it.  As content creators, and this is something I say a whole lot… we don’t often get the opportunity time-wise to indulge in fun reading projects.  Everything I read usually has to be multi-tasked into a blog post, a citation, a podcast, or all of the above!  I knew there wasn’t any other way to “force” myself to read some Marvel, unless there were ways I could “present” that effort… ya know what I mean?

Anyhoo, in the shell-of-a-nut, that’s ReMarvel.  I hope you enjoy if you decide to check it out.  This episode also includes some of my personal anecdotes regarding what was going on in my life when I “discovered” Omega the Unknown… and how I nearly popped a comic shop owner in the face over it!

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  • I enjoyed the "Re-Marvel" episodes because it was always fun to hear to you talk about comics that you liked! Kinda of like what you were talking about the other day with Comix Tawk episode 10


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