DCU Holiday Bash! #1 (Demon)

DCU Holiday Bash! #1 (Demon)
“Satan’s Little Helper”
by Ty Templeton
Editors – Mike Carlin & Darren Vincenzo

In the grand tradition of our Superman two-pagers in Action Comics Weekly… we’ve actually got a couple of those in this here Christmas Special!  Good news, however… these are self-contained, so no lollygagging with weirdo Fellowship members!

Also in the ACW tradition… we’re going to be checking in with our old friend, Etrigan the Demon.  Love being able to reuse dem ACD assets!

Now to see what trouble he’ll bring, with the rhyme that he’ll sing.

We open with a bald fella engaging in a strange ritual in which he hopes to summon a Demon, with whom he’ll exchange his mortal soul for… something.  Something really cool, I’d assume.  Wouldn’tcha know it, the Demon he winds up calling is our pal, Etrigan… who runs down how the deal will go.

Before the fella can make his request, however, his precocious young daughter bursts into the room… and wonders who this scary visitor might be.  Dad tells her it’s just one of “Santa’s Helpers”, and to get back into bed.

Well, kiddo, thinking this horned beast is actually pals with Santa, asks what he brought for her.  She reaches into his box o’ tricks, and procures a Batman doll… which, we’re going to assume she was wishing for.

Since the deal with Dad was still in effect… it turns out that the bald fella just unwittingly exchanged his soul for… that very Batman doll.  Etrigran squeals with glee, and vacates the scene… leaving the little girl wondering why her father is now so down in the dumps.

This was clever… and fun.  Didn’t need more than two-pages to be told, either!  I’m also glad we never found out what Dad was going to swap his soul for… because, that very well could’ve turned this tale from dark comedy to bleak tragedy.  I think we can assume, however, from the absolute maddened look on Dad’s face that… his request was going to fit more into the “selfish” column than “selfless”.

I like this use of Etrigan, where… I mean, it’s not necessarily a story about him… he’s more there just as a tool/facilitator.  He’s certainly not a character I’d root for, but I can appreciate him getting a “bargain” on some dude’s soul through a fluke like this.  I mean, if you deal with the devil… you’re probably going to get burnt!

I just wonder if Dad was trying to dissolve his marriage or something… now, that would be tragic!

Tomorrow: The Holiday Armadillo?

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