ACW #619 – Green Lantern

Action Comics Weekly #619 (Green Lantern)
Writer/Co-Plotter – Peter David
Pencils/Co-Plotter – Richard Howell
Inks – Arne Starr
Letters – Albert DeGuzman
Colors – Anthony Tollin
Assistant Editor – Dan Raspler
Editor – Denny O’Neil

Wouldja lookit that… with the new ACW “trade dress”, it’s almost like we’ve entered “Phase 2” of our little endeavor.  Expect even more gooder coverage from this point on!  Nothing like a fresh paint of coat to recharge the ol’ reviewing batteries.

Actually… it’s just more of the same, at least for today.  Hal’s still futzin’ with the Freaks.  Speaking of the “same”, this issue of Action Comics Weekly marks the return of the Original Six features!  It’s old home week… for the next few weeks, anyway!

We open with… the big reveal!  Our first look at Veronica Hawkes… and, well… prepare to be “whelmed”.  Actually, let’s talk about her for a moment.  Ya know, folks give Rob Liefeld a lot of guff about proportions and anatomy (much of it deserved), but wouldja look at the shape of this woman?  Where does food go after she swallows?  Are her legs side-by-side, or one in front of the other?  How many points of articulation would an action figure of her have?  Anyhoo… after a bit of a contentious/flirtatious introduction, she invites Hal into her office to discuss the Freak Show.  Naturally, she denies much of her association.

She claims they were sent Hawkes’ way as part of a “work release” program.  Ronnie gave ’em the boot… but pure, demure, innocent, wouldn’t even hurt a fly Lillian felt sorry for them… and put them to work.  While on the job they… well, died.  Veronica doesn’t seem especially concerned, or upset by the telling, and boots Hal back to reception.

In the Lobby, Hal is met by a Security Guard who will be giving him a tour of the facilities to prove that there’s nothin’ hinky goin’ on at Hawkes’.  Meanwhile, one of the Hawkes’ Sisters (you’ll never guess which one!) rides a secret elevator to a room where she has a video-chat with Castle about employing “Plan Omega”, whatever the hell that is.

The Security Guard brings Hal into the lower levels, to a floor referred to as the “Automated Facility Center”, which is to say… there are a lot of robots here.  Suddenly, a door slams behind out man, and he’s attacked by… duh, the Freak Show!

As the battle rages, we dip out for a moment to check on Arisia… who, by now has completely packed her bags.  Before going to leave, however, she decides to stick around a little longer… just long enough to give Hal Jordan a piece of her mind.

She may have to wait awhile, as back at Hawkes’… the Freak Show pull a demented “Care Bear stare”, focusing all of their energy-based hoodoo in Hal’s direction.  This renders him… uh, well… let’s just say it “renders” him.

Castle is especially pleased…

Lemme start with the Good News.  This chapter is the penultimate chapter of the Freak Show arc… which is to say, there’s only one week of this left!

So, what’d we learn here?  The Veronica Hawkes diet works!  There’s something called “Plan Omega” (which we’ll learn all about next week)… and Arisia is going to tell Hal off next time she sees him.

The Veronica reveal was a bit of a let-down… not that I was expecting to recognize her or anything, but… I mean, if she’s just going to be “some lady”, what was the point of obscuring her face over the past several weeks?  I mean, this isn’t a “ta-da” reveal or anything.  I suppose it could’ve been a way for us to mentally connect her obscured face with that of the one in cahoots with the Freak Show… and if you haven’t figured out the real deal on that yet… 

Anyhoo, Hal looks to have been rendered into hot jelly… which, as far as cliffhangers go, ain’t the worst one yet!  Overall though, this arc has underwhelmed and dragged on far too long.  Looking forward to having this one in the “rear view”.

Tomorrow: You want fries with that?

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