ACW #618 – Superman

Action Comics Weekly #618 (Superman)
“Out on the Town”
Writer – Roger Stern
Pencils – Curt Swan
Inks – Murphy Anderson
Letters – Bill Oakley
Colors – Tom Ziuko
Editor – Mike Carlin

It’s Superman Day… which, as the Action Comics Daily faithful know, means: There ain’t nothin’ to talk about.

And so, I’ll share a few pictures I took this morning.  I’m currently doing a re-bagging, re-boarding, re-boxing of parts of the collection, and decided to start with the Action Comics boxes… so, here’s a look at how my entire AC collection (minus the issue we’re currently discussing) looks… “naked”:

That thick bunch of un-bagged books about halfway thu is… Action Comics Weekly!

I’m up to around 600 issues, plus all the Annuals.  I don’t ever see myself getting a complete run of the title… buuuut, that’s okay.

Picking up where we left off last week, Superman returns back to Clinton Street to check in on Bob Galt.  Turns out, he’s gone… but, we already knew that.  He did, however, leave a note… explaining that he’s out “seeing the sights”.  Considering that Metropolis is, ya know… a huge city… Superman isn’t quite sure where to even begin looking for him.

We shift scenes and find Bob Galt… reading a t-shirt purveyor the riot at for selling Superman t-shirts.  Ya see, in The Fellowship, something like that would be viewed as “sacrilege”.  Bob threatens the dude with “punishment”, which prompts the shopkeeper to, get this… pull a gun!

Wow, how scary is it to be a militant religious zealot in Metropolis?  I mean, you tip over just one t-shirt rack in a fit of rage, and find yourself staring down the barrel of a shop owner’s pistol?  C’mon…

As usual, not a whole lawt to say about this installment.  The story continues to slowly lumber along… and does so in a most unsatisfying way.  I’m really losing my patience with Bob Galt… and wouldn’t hold it against Superman if he didn’t prove himself to be “faster than a speeding bullet” should this scene escalate further.  Though, I suppose if he did that, he wouldn’t really be Superman, right?  Oh well.

Overall… yawn.

Tomorrow: The Return of… Deadman!

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