ACW #609 – Superman

Action Comics Weekly #609 (Superman)
“And There Will Be a Sign!”
Writer – Roger Stern
Pencils – Curt Swan
Inks – John Beatty
Letters – Bill Oakley
Colors – Tom Ziuko
Editor – Mike Gold

Yesterday I bored you all wrote about how some old commercials kinda creep me out.  Got me to thinking about other silly stuff that creeped me out as a kid… or things that didn’t then, but kinda do now.

Did a bit of digging online… and found out there’s like this whole “cottage industry” based on like “nostalgic scares”.  It’s pretty strange how generationally-relatable all of this creepiness is!

People were creeped out about TV logos and stuff, which… I think I “get”, though I wasn’t really as affected.  Least I don’t remember myself being all that affected.  I’ll probably have to do some more digging.

Made me think of “scares” I was immune to as a kid, that bother me today… and I came up with, of all things, my phone ringing… and not knowing who the caller is.  I remember growing up, we never had Caller ID or anything… and anytime the phone rang, we’d rush over to answer it without a care.

Now?  If I get a call from a weird number (or God forbid, one’a then “No Caller ID” numbers), I’m worrying about it all damn day!  Especially when they don’t leave a message.  Creeps me out for awhile.

Anyhoo… enough of that nonsense… on to some Super-nonsense.

Picking up right where we left off last week… Galt is being interrogated, and is very likely about to be committed, when… Clark Kent arrives!

The Officer is happy to see him, as he’s a pretty big fan of his writing.  Clark (somehow) convinces him to let Galt go.  I’m not so sure I’d let a random reporter “vouch” for a man I thought might be a dangerous loon, but there ya go.

On the street, Kent asks Galt about his beliefs… and also if he recognizes the man, Culpepper, who he believes was trying to have him killed.  Galt grows more and more squirrely… and so, Clark’s gotta figure out a way to gain his confidence.

He decides to… well, exploit the poor sap’s beliefs by heat-visioning a message that Kent is to be trusted.

Well, this wasn’t so bad.  Didn’t make a heckuva lot of sense to just let Galt walk… but, I suppose the things we do to facilitate story-progression don’t always need to.

Clark exploiting the dude’s beliefs was… I dunno, morally gray?  I get why he did it, and, in fairness, he seemed to be pretty conflicted about it himself… it’s just kinda strange.

Overall… I’m hoping, now that Galt knows he can “TRUST KENT” that maybe, just maybe, we’ll be getting a decently-sized expositional dump next time out.

Tomorrow: The Final Wild Dogging.

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