ACW #606 – Secret Six

Action Comics Weekly #606 (Secret Six)
“The Sins of the Father…”
Writer – Martin Pasko
Art – Dan Spiegle
Letters – Carrie Spiegle
Colors – Carl Gafford
Editor – Dick Giordano

Alrighty, it’s Secret Six time… and it looks like the TechnoDyne scenario is firmly in our rear-view… lest I speak too soon, that is.

We wrapped up last week with Rafael pulling a sealed box out from a safe… let’s check in on him, and see if/how the mystery unfolds!

We open with Rafael still holding that box.  Meanwhile, that pair of officers from the Carmel P.D. can’t seem to get over how strange this plane crash really was.  There were no flight records or anything.  All’s they got is that scrap of cloth with what’s either a bird or bunny on it!  It’s quickly rendered a moot point, however, as the F.B.I. has decided that this accident falls under their jurisdiction.  The officers begrudgingly abandon the case.

Rafael and his assistant decide to leave the Enchanted Forest so they can speak where there is less of a risk of their conversation being overheard… be people and/or bugs.  At the same time, our Secret Sixers are discussing their recently-ended TechnoDyne mission.  Mitch wonders if, by their actions, they’re now no better than vigilantes.

Suddenly… the computer system goes down, and with it, all of their “life support” apparatuses!  Mitch can’t use his hands, LaDonna goes mute, Vic goes blind, Luke’s legs give out, Tony goes deaf, Maria has a seizure… it’s quite the scene!

The effects only last a moment, however… and we learn that it only happened because Maria was attempting to hack into the mainframe to find out more about their mysterious benefactor.  Well, that ain’t smart!

We rejoin Rafael and Whatshisface back at Whatshisface’s house… and we finally get a peek at what’s in the box.  Among other assorted goodies is a videocassette and a wrist-watch communicator.  No sooner do they open it, than Mockingbird appears on the watch and begins to speak.  He’s speaking to the New Secret Six, and congratulating them on a job well done.

Mockingbird continues, and brings up the Six’s “predecessors”, revealing that they met with an unpleasant fate, before finally announcing that there will be another midnight meeting in the Frisco warehouse to discuss their next mission.  Rafael’s ears perk up.

We wrap up with a disguised individual (who totally isn’t Rafael) sneaking into the warehouse and ambushing members of our new Secret Six!

Solid chapter!

Again, I’m happy TechnoDyne is behind us… and hopeful that we’ll maybe be able to get more acquainted with our team… and learn a bit more about their benefactor.

Let’s jump right in, and look at my three main takeaways.  Heck, three takeaways in eight pages?  That’s pretty good!

First, Mockingbird placing a “fail safe” into his database is smart… and, ya know, predictable.  You’d figure computer whiz Maria Verdugo might have expected something like that, right?  I’m just now noticing that her name is “Verdugo”, which sounds like vertigo… and she suffers from seizures.  I’m conflating maladies here, but it’s a pretty common conflation.  Anyhoo, the fail safe is there… if any of them step out of line, what Mockingbird giveth can also be taken away.

Second, Rafael learning a little bit more about the “new” Mockingbird… and this new Secret Six.  Is this information Mockingbird knew he’d discover… or, did our mysterious mastermind overlook this one thing?

Third, the Feds getting involved in inspecting the crash of the original Sixers.  Seems… weird, and is likely something we’ll be coming back to in the coming weeks.  If I’m not mistaken, the Sixers will only be with us for three more chapters before taking a little break, so I’m guessing these threads will really heat up with the quickness!

Overall… still really enjoying this.  The art this time around is especially strong (which isn’t to suggest it hadn’t been up to this point)… this time though, it seems like there’s much more detail put into the characters expressions… and there’s this excessive “hatching’ in lieu of shadows which is sorta-kinda reminiscent of old Underground Comix.  Really good stuff!

Tomorrow: Deadman and D.B. tour Hell!

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