ACW #601 – Superman

Action Comics Weekly #601 – Superman
“Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!”
Writer – Roger Stern
Pencils – Curt Swan
Inks – John Beatty
Letters – Bill Oakley
Colors – Tom Ziuko
Editor – Mike Carlin

It’s funny that the weekly “two-pager” is the one that’s causing me the most grief when it came to undertaking this new blogging project.

Call it Catholic guilt, call it a mixture of stupidity and naivete… but, I really feel like I’m “short-changing” the readers even in just looking at the weekly eight-pagers… much less a two-page spread that’s written more like a Sunday strip than a traditional comic book!

Oh well, let’s get to it… this won’t take long.  It almost took longer to type out the credits than the actual synopsis!

We open with Clark Kent stood atop the Daily Planet Building enjoying both the view and a beverage.  Among the voices he tunes into, he hears a man crying out for help.  Clark “supes up” and heads down to see what’s up.

Annnnnd, that’s it!

Wow, this is really like a “day off” for your humble host.  I suppose I could make the joke that what we just read in two pages would take two issues in 2019… but, why ruin a good time?

Yeah… really not much to say about this.  I am happy that Curt Swan still has a presence in the Superman family of creators in the post-Crisis/post-Byrne landscape… so, there’s that.  Otherwise, we don’t get a whole lot to “sink our teeth into” just yet.

Gotta start somewhere… and this is that place!

Tomorrow: Deadman.  Do we gotta?  Maybe this will be the story where I’ll finally “get” the character!  So far, the only time I really cared about him was when he was no longer dead!


2 thoughts on “ACW #601 – Superman

  • Charlton Hero

    Wow..they got Curt FN Swan to do a two pager? Lol now thats a day off for that guy who could churn out a Superman book in his sleep back in the wild west.

    Swans art doesnt appear to be his sharpest but maybe thats the inker but I do enjoy seeing his classic flight poses!
    So all we know is that someone is in trouble!?? Sounds very..light? Its like you needed to at least see a villain or something in a panel to set the table.

    I am.interested to see if when this mini arc is complete does it all flow together like a series of mini clips of one straight story. Its like they are "Writing for the trade" even back then! Ha!

    • Heyyy Hero,

      This is actually one of the only bits of ACW to be collected in trade… though, it is a sorta-kinda wonky read! I joked above that this is about as much story as we sometimes get in a full-issue during "current year"! It's scary but true, haha

      Swan's art definitely does look a bit different here… I wonder if he might have been trying to add a little bit'a "Byrne" to his style?


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