Adventures of the Outsiders #43 (1987)

Adventures of the Outsiders #43 (March, 1987)
“A Christmas Carol — 1986”
Writer/Editor/Co-Creator – Mike W. Barr
Artist/Co-Creator – Jim Aparo
Backup Artist – Trevor Von Eeden
Colorist – Helen Vesik
Letterer – John E. Workman
Cover Price: $0.75

Welcome back to Hardcover/Softcover weekend… today we’re going to take a look at Jim Aparo’s work on Outsiders.  Since they changed the title of the issue (and hired a different Colorist – Vesik steps in for Roy)… it’s almost like we’re looking at a whole ‘nother book!  Or not.

We open on a flashback.  We learn a bit about a pair of accountants named Mudge and Morley.  These two shared a firm, and from the looks of it, a very strong friendship… however, one kept a very important secret.  Ya see, Mr. Morley was quite ill.  Rather than risk bankrupting their office to keep him alive, he just kept it to himself.  While they two were together they were visited by the corrupt Mr. Sinclair who time and again, wanted to procure their services… they declined each time.  However, following the untimely passing of his partner, Mr. Mudge would finally come around to the idea.  In the present, we join the Outsiders at their base… the topic of the day is, well, Mr. Tommy Sinclair… the corrupt ganglord!  In doing their research, the team figures one angle they might be able to use is Sinclair’s personal accountant, Mr. Eben Mudge.

Speak of the devil, we shift scenes to a young couple heading up the drive of a giant mansion.  This is Dan and Janice, the former is the nephew of Eben Mudge.  Their visit goes less than swimmingly… they try and give him a Christmas present, but he’s all “bah humbug”.  If the title didn’t already tip us off, I think we’ve got a pretty good idea where this is headed.

We rejoin Halo and Katana at home where they are in the midst of decking the halls.  The perspective in this panel looks a bit weird… either Katana is super-tiny, or their living room is the size of a school lunch room.  Gaby ain’t quite feeling the spirit, and at Tatsu’s suggestion, leaves to practice her flute.

Our next stop is Looker’s.  There’s a knock at her door… it’s the postman with a package for her… well, for her alter ego, anyway.  She opens it, revealing a note from mousy-Emily’s boyfriend, Greg… and a pretty modest looking dress.  She sobs.

From here, we shift to the evening where the Outsiders are gathered outside Eben Mudge’s mansion so they can enact their plan.  Black Lightning grips the electrified fence, overloading it and causing a blackout so the team can gain access to the grounds.  When they reach the window to Mudge’s study… okay, this is where it gets weird… first, Looker sends a note (written in Morley’s handwriting) into a book on his desk.

Then… then… as Mudge heads to his bookshelf, Katana spits a sleeping pill into his drink!

Eben returns to his desk with the copy of A Christmas Carol given to him by his old partner… takes a swig of his drugged drink… and starts to doze.

The Outsiders enter the study, and get to work concocting “act one” of their grand plan.  Looker works her mojo on the man, and when his eyes open he sees… his old partner, Harold Morley!  It’s actually Geo-Force in a mask and chains (a la Jacob Marley… oh, nowI get it!  And, Mudge’s first name is Eben…eezer, d’oh!), surrounded by swirls of Metamorpho gas.  

He does the whole “you’ll be visited by three ghosts” thing.  The first of which is portrayed by Halo.  She takes Mudge “back to the past”, where he witnesses his younger self being dumped by the love of his life due to his greed and selfishness following the death of Mr. Morley.  This is all a Looker-illusion, by the way, which kinda begs the question… if she’s got such great power, why are the rest of the Outsiders even needed?  Halo sees what pain this is causing the older Eben, and questions their methods… it does seem a bit cruel to put the poor guy through this, don’t it?  I mean, he may be a crotchety old jerk, but… I dunno.

Next up is the Ghost of Christmas Present, portrayed by Metamorpho in a robe.  After greeting poor ol’ Eben, he transforms into a sleigh and delivers him to the home of his nephew Dan and his pregnant wife Janice.  They discuss how there are things more important than money, yadda yadda yadda.

From here, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come arrives… it’s Black Lightning in a cloak.  He silently brings him forward in time to his own retirement party.  A party where his employer Mr. Sinclair gives him the gift of… well, perforation.  Being of no further use, he’s shot full’a holes.

Well, since Eben isn’t, ya know… evil, this is all it takes for him to change his ways.  After he’s returned to his home, he runs to his study to call the police and spill the beans on Mr. Sinclair.  As luck would have it, Sinclair chooses right this moment to pay his accountant a visit.

Upon learning that his confidant is calling the cops, he barges in with his goon squad.  Luckily the Outsiders are still lingering about, and make short work of the baddies.  Mr. Sinclair is indicted.

We close out with Mr. Mudge deciding maybe Christmas ain’t all that bad as he celebrates with his nephew and niece-in-law (is that even a thing?).  In case you were wondering, the gift they gave him earlier was a gown.  Back with the Outsiders, Halo has rediscovered her Christmas spirit as well, and has flown off with her bell and “ski cap” which looks more like a Santa hat.

Our back-up strip features Black Lightning and Katana attempting to do a bit of Christmas shopping for Jefferson’s ex-wife, Lynn.  At that moment, we see a shaky man entering the employee’s entrance of the department store holding a Santa Claus outfit.  It appears as though he’s being forced into the situation by a creep holding his son hostage.

Jeff’s having some trouble deciding whether to buy a cheap piece of lingerie or a cheap piece of jewelry.  The salesman acts like a bit of a jerk when he asks to see something from the “budget collection”.  Elsewhere the shaky man suits up and heads into the security office… where he kayos a guard with a bottle before turning off the power.

With the power to the security system out, a goon squad runs in to rob the place.  Tatsu and Jeff head into the dressing rooms to suit up.

What follows is a couple pages of Black Lightning and Katana wrecking the fools.  The Shaky-Santa approaches Katana to let her know about his son being held outside.

They take care of the creep in the car… we get a father-son reunion, and everything ends happily ever after… well, except for the fact that Jeff still has to pick out a gift for his ex.

If you’re interested in my thoughts on the issue itself, take a peek at the time I discussed the Baxter version.  Click the cover and you will be delivered!

Onto the experiment… 

We open with perhaps one of the better reasons for using the Baxter stock from a creative standpoint.  This flashback is bathed in a sepia tone… which is unable to be properly replicated by the newsstand version.  Rather than looking stylistically “old timey”, it’s just black and white.

Some inverted colors here… and while the Baxter shot is more immediately appealing to me… upon deeper inspection, I definitely appreciate some of the details I missed when looking at the newsstand version.

Change in background from flat orange to yellow.  I’m sure there’s a reason why this change was implemented… however, I’ve never been in the printing biz, so I couldn’t say what that reason is!

It’s interesting to see another change from orange… this time to blue for our background here.  Also, note that the color no longer extends into the bleed for the newsprint version!

I think I said this the last time we looked at a Baxter Aparo comic… his work in this format lacks some of the detail of his newsprint work… and almost makes you feel like you’re looking at (ironically enough) a newspaper strip.

Here’s some bonus Von Eeden from the backup!

I’ll go into this in a little more depth as we wrap up, but… the newsprint actually lends something to the art here.  The flat-brightness of the color almost robs the pencils of detail… and really overtakes the image.

So, the verdict?  If you read yesterday’s piece where we looked at New Teen Titans (vol.2) #1 vs. Tales of the Teen Titans #60… I kinda rode the fence there.  While I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was more “comfortable” looking at the story on pulpy ol’ newsprint… I can’t deny that Perez’ pencils also looked amazing on the Baxter stock!  My only real quibble there was that the coloring felt too flat… but that was a kink that would take time to work itself out.

Here… I think I can commit.  I find Aparo’s (and Von Eeden’s) work much more appealing on newsprint.  I think the imperfections in the “old ways” lent to giving the art a bit of unexpected detail… as well as depth (since the colors were no longer so flat).  We also much keep in mind that this issue had an altogether different Colorist… so, that might have something to do with it as well!

The stories are fun either way you look at it… as was this little experiment (at least for me… I hope folks reading dug this as well!).

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  • Dave S

    I prefer the newsstand versions of these pages, especially the sepia flashback page which is so much more atmospheric.

    The colouring definitely looks much sharper in the Baxter pages, and usually I do prefer them, but in this case, the newsprint versions just look better- like a more pure example of how a comic should look. Maybe Mr Aparo's art just suited newsprint better to my eyes, because I think the Trevor von Eeden panels actually look better on Baxter!

    Ps -really enjoyed the podcast on the Spider-Man/Batman crossover Chris, you and Reggie done a great job on it! Thanks!


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