Flash (vol.3) #4 (2010)

Flash (vol.3) #4 (September, 2010)
“Case One: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues, Part Four!”
“Flash Facts: Mirrors”
Writer – Geoff Johns
Artist – Francis Manapul & Scott Kolins
Colorist – Brian Buccellato
Letterer – Sal Cipriano
Associate Editor – Adam Schlagman
Editor – Eddie Berganza
Cover Price: $2.99

Last month we wrapped up a little project that I called the #Action100 Endeavor.  In it, we discussed 100 issues of Action Comics to coincide with the release of Action Comics #1000.

It’s funny what happens to the rest of your stats when you become so focused on the one.  For example, I was doing a little bit of number-crunching and have realized that (after today’s post) we’re only two reviews away from having covered 100 Geoff Johns-written books!  When the hell did that happen?

Anyhoo, it’s still #BrightestMay… and we’re back with the Flash.

We open at an undisclosed location where the Rogues are watching the news of Digger’s escape from Iron Heights.  Remember, Captain Cold kinda threw down the gauntlet a couple of issues back.  On the scene, Captain Boomerang has caused enough of a distraction for Flash to escape the bindings that the Renegades threw at him.  Also, Digger hurls a few explosive boomerangs at a police helicopter.

Barry books it up to the top of a nearby building and leaps onto the helicopter to save the officers on board.  It’s really one hell of a scene.  Flash manages to save the officers just in the nick of time… and the helicopter crashes to the ground just a few feet in front of Captain Boomerang.  This is a really awesome scene… buuuuut, we’re already to the “staples” of the issue.

Captain Boomerang then lobs a few “boom”erangs at the Renegades’ Commander Cold.  Flash swoops in, nabs the ‘rangs and throws them into the bay before they can explode… or just as they explode.

The Renegades turn their attention toward Digger… and it would appear that The Top is having second thoughts about their initial mission.  He just watched the Flash save them from the ‘splody ‘rangs… and figures he must not be such a bad dude after all.  Heatstroke reminds him that they cannot muck around in the past… they can’t warn Barry about what’s to come.  Top says “screw that”, and heads off to spill the beans.  Oh by the way, the punishment for messing with the past is… death.

Top reaches Flash and proceeds to tell him everything that’s about to go down.  Ya see, Flash will eventually kill Mirror Monarch… because the Rogues are about to do something terrible to Iris.

Speaking of Iris, she’s currently doing some digging into that Hicks wrongful-incarceration case.  She bumps into Mr. Pitt from Seinfeld and winds up spilling the contents of the file.  As she scoops it all up, she sees something that causes her to pause.

Back at the pier, the Top continues his story.  The Mirror Master is going to create a gateway into the “nexus of mirror worlds”… which, when shattered will release the “Mirror Lords”… which will somehow cause Iris to become the “Mirror Mistress”, the very worst of Flash’s Rogues Gallery.

History tells the Top that Flash will soon be attacked by the Rogues, and in the melee he will murder the Mirror Monarch.  So… maybe this can all be averted if the Flash goes on the offensive… and doesn’t wait for the attack.

Well, that all sounds great… doesn’t it?  Maybe it would… if the Rogues weren’t already just about to attack.

For our back-up, we learn a little bit about how Mirror Master uses mirrors to, uh… be a master of mirrors.  We also learn a little bit about the Mirror Lords.

Ya know, when I was reading for about a minute and a half and already found myself staring at the staples, I thought we were in for another case of the “Part 4 of 6” curse.  Glad to say that the second half was decently packed with story!

I mean, the helicopter rescue was a beautiful scene… and you probably wouldn’t notice the amount of “real estate” it eats up when you read it in collected edition… but, really… it was half of this book.  I can’t remember how I felt my first time through… but today, I guess I was a bit put off.

The second half of the issue, however, really brought it.  The Top puts his own life on the line to tip off Barry as to what’s about to go down.  Only thing is… the Renegades had no record of Captain Boomerang showing up, which kinda throws their records out of whack.  So, Barry’s getting sorta-helpful information… only it’s incomplete, and perhaps a few minutes too late.

The art is still fantastic… by now that kinda goes without saying.  Manapul never disappoints.  Overall… if you’re buying these in single issue format, I wouldn’t recommend breaking the bank for this one.  I feel like it would definitely be more satisfying in collected edition format.

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